The Detoxification Program

This is our most popular. It is a residential program. You can book a 3, 5, 7 day or longer. 

Longer programs are best unless you are highly disciplined to follow the program by yourself after a three day introduction. 

There is an option to do a non residential program by coming to the Retreat on a daily entry basis. 

We will present the program for 3 days for 3 hours per day and then you continue with the program schedule in your own home. Timing is flexible according to your needs. 

This is offered as an introduction to learn how to do the program by yourself and continue in your own home with telephone guidance from us. If you are highly disciplined person this may work for you.

Our standard program is a 5 day residential program beginning any day at 6pm. We recommend the 5 day program as the ideal and a longer program is even better.

If you are a highly disciplined person you can do the shorter programs which will teach you how to do it yourself at home. You may continue on your own with telephone support from us and personal backup if you need it. 

Most people do the five day program as described next:


Program Schedule 

First day
12:00 to 6 pm  Guests arrive and settle in.

6:00 Warm vegetable soup for dinner.

7:00 Guest completes the  health evaluation questionnaire and is given a consultation and explanation of the program by the program director. The guest's health concerns are addressed and together we design a program that is specific to your needs.
9:00 Meditation and teachers discourse and discussion.
10:00 Drink juice mixed with detox herbal powder, time to sleep.

7:00 Drink water upon awakening, at least one glass or more as you wish with two tablespoons of either fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. About ten minutes later drink a juice drink with one large tablespoon of cleansing herb powder, mix well. Drink fast before powder turns to jelly.
Note: all juices during the day are to be diluted with 1/2 water.

7:30 Go for a guided walk
8:00 Yoga and Meditation and movement class
9:00 Breakfast of fresh fruit, whole or juiced. Drink Herb Tea or vegetable juice with detox herbs.  
10:15 Optional enema with explanation and detailed instructions.

11:15 to 12:30 Classes on alternative health practices, lifestyle adjustments, and how to apply what you have learned to your daily life when you return home. A time for
questions and discussion.
12:30 Herb tea and/or juice with detox herbs.
1:00 First day can eat some fruit, after first day take only juice.

1:15 to 5:00 free time to rest. Activity may be a walk in nature, trek to the lake or a waterfall, swim, venture into town, develop cultural awareness, entertainment, etc. Also this is a time for individual counseling. 

5:00 Warm vegetable soup for dinner.
7:00 Group support, sharing experience of the day, counseling time, optional movie or
local musical entertainment.
9:00 Meditation and teachers discourse and discussion.
10:00 Drink juice mixed with detox herbal powder, time to sleep.

NOTE: Tea, and water are available all day. Each day each guest receives individual health counseling if desired. 

Last Day
Same as daily schedule except guest can begin transition diet: whole fruit and plain, unsweetened yogurt for breakfast and steamed veggies and rice for lunch.
Check out by 6:00 pm. after dinner.

Upon returning home one should eat a transition diet composed of steamed vegetables,
rice, and juices for two days,. Then gradually introduce heavier foods and follow the diet suggestions given during the program. 

PLEASE NOTE: The 3 day non residential program is offered for those who can not arrange to do the residential program. However to gain the full benefit of giving yourself a retreat and focus totally on taking time out from daily distractions and go deep into evaluating and making changes in your life style the residential program is the best choice. 


Sanumaiya Program director +977 9860491408
Albert +977 9827101313 Email:  albert@pokhararetreat.com

The following list of programs are arranged on an individual basis. Call or email us to discuss your interests and needs. We will design a custom program with you.
  • Colonic Therapy (Colema) by the hour
  • Diet, Health and Weight Control Program
  • Life Style Enhancement Program.
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Individual, child and family therapies, rebirthing therapy(breathwork), Stress management, hypnosis, reflexology

Watch for future workshops and Retreat Programs to be announced and posted on our website.