Albert is an excellent host and made me feel welcome. I also felt extremely safe there. The house is very comfortable and rather luxurious, done up in a more European than Nepali way, with Western-style bathrooms. The guest kitchen is well-equipped, too. The grounds are spacious, with a nice garden. The best thing, though, is the spectacular view of the mountains, including Machhupuchhare and Annapurna. If you really want the view, this is hard to beat. And it is a quiet neighborhood, which was something I really appreciated. Having your own transportation, even if it's only a bicycle.
Albert and his wife live on the top floor; the owner, a Belgian, lives on the second floor,; and a really sweet Nepali family lives on the ground floor. There was a bit of confusion on my part about the booking. Because they had listed several different rooms on the same listing, and I didn't study the captions on the photos.
October 2016 · 

 Lomas, Dec. 2016
Staying at Albert 's place was one of the high points of the trip.  He and Radha were extremely courteous and we had the best time with them celebrating Christmas eve!! He taught us Yoga,  took us trekking into canyon and they have the most amazing view of the Annapurna range from their huge kick ass terrace!!  This is our fixed home in Pokhara for every visit!!

 Richard 2016
(This is a comment from a guest that I hosted at my AirBnB in Chapala, Mexico)
Hey guys, you couldn't find a nicer guy to hang with than Albert.  And if you're brainy you can expect challenging conversation on just about any subject.  And he knows and shows the area very well.  Older house but very clean and neat((ing was GREAT!
-LOCATION-  You take a left at the Chapala Bus Station and Albert's place is less than a minute walk away.  You can't beat that as to being convenient after a bus ride from wherever.
-ADVICE-  As I arrived early evening Albert offered up a couple nearby restaurants that were great.  He also suggested this that and the other thing that one would find interesting as you set about exploring Chapala for the first time.
-FRIENDLY-  Invited me to join him in watching a movie.  Took me on a walking tour of the city during which I saw things that I would have otherwise missed. 
Took to me a hidden gem of a neighborhood restaurant on my last day for lunch. 
Put up with my gift of gab as I probably shared one too many things about myself.  But having discovered my interests he pointed out a few places to visit that helped me adjust to my new surroundings.  Offered assistance in too many ways to count. 
I received information, support and direction that exceeded that of many Concierge's in 4 star hotels.  He was the ultimate host!
-BOTTOM LINE- You couldn't ask for a better place to stay, and you certainly couldn't beat the price. 
Make this a stop if you are visiting the Lake Chapala area.